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local festivals


Zürcher Theater Spektakel – Zurich’s big outdoor theatre festival in tents on the Landiwiese and including some excellent buskers & international food stalls. Some of the events are in English. August 6 to 23. www.theaterspektakel.ch

Limmatschwimmen – there are only 4500 spots, so register early – registrations open as soon as the organisers know the weather will be good enough to hold the swim. August 15 or 22, depending on the weather. See website for details. www.limmatschwimmen.ch

This summer is also all about food fairs, it seems. The Thai Food Festival hits Bülach's Stadthalle on August 21 to 23. The 1st annual Streetfood Festival Solothurn will make it worth going all the way out there for - it is highlighting food from all over Asia. Under the Leporello Bridge, August 29 and 30. And the 4th Street Food Festival is scheduled for Zurich from September 4 to 6, location to be advised street-food-festival.ch

Street Parade - this year’s motto of Europe’s largest outdoor electronic music party is “Enjoy the Dancefloor… and save it!” proving once again they could use some native English speakers on their team. But never mind, the slogan is well meant: be good, don’t hurt anyone else and don’t trash the city. The point is to feel the love and dance your heart out. August 29. www.streetparade.ch

Summer means outdoor movies at Kino Xenix, an experience livened up by the movie theater's bar and food truck. The theme this year is debut films by directors that have since become legendary. This includes the following movies in English: Blood Simple, Clerks, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Permanent Vacation, Play Misty for Me, Reservoir Dogs, The Virgin Suicides.
If you prefer the cool indoors, check out the "Animal in Me" programme with these movies in English: Cat People, Marnie, Black Swan, Alien, The Fly, White Dog, Roar, Twelve Monkeys, The Silence of the Lambs, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Where the Wild Things Are, Zodiac, Under the Skin, Something Wild, Donnie Darko and The Black Knight.
For showtimes and more information visit the Xenix site (in German).

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